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Children/Youth/Senior Choral

Sponsored by Dunamis Youth Foundation, United Artists Guild


                The Atlanta Choral society for Children/Youth/Senior Choral provides the best of metro-Atlantas vocal players

    the opportunity to perform choral masterworks. Selected by audition, members meet weekly for group coaching and

    rehearsals. In addition the choral learns the Korean Traditional instrument and performing and Dances. The Atlanta

    Choral Society for Children/Youth/Senior is operated by the New Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra & performing Group.


  • Organization

   . Eugene Lee, Artist Director/Founder

   . Jane Choi, President of Eugene Lee Children Choir 

   . Glara Kang, President of Senior Choral


  • Four performing Groups:  

        1) Eugene Lee Children Choir : Age of 5~7

        2) Angels: Age of 8~10

        3) Youth Singers: Age of 10~14 (Before changing of the voice)

        4) Young Singers: Age of 14+, or after changing the voice: SATB

        4) Mixed 4 voices: Adults or senior

   Each chorals will perform with NAPO or NAYO.


   • Rehearsals

        1) Eugene Lee Children Choir:3:00pm-6:00pm, 2nd Sun/mon. @ EMS

        2) Angels: 6:00pm ~7:30pm, Tue. @ EMS (1295 Old Peachtree Rd. #200 Suwanee, GA 30024)

        3) Youth Singers: 6:00~7:30pm. Thu. @ EMS (1295 Old Peachtree Rd. #200 Suwanee, GA 30024)

        4) Young Singers: 6:00 ~7:30, Mon @ EMS (1295 Old Peachtree Rd. #200 Suwanee, GA 30024)


  • Audition Date: TBA

  • Audition: Any Two music (summit 2 copies of music piece), Ear-training Test (Major, Minor, 7th chord)


  • Application fee: $20                • Audition/ contact: (678)396-7777, e-mail: eugeneleemusicart@gmail.com




678-396-7777    . e-mail: newatlantaphil@gmail.com

. 1295 Old Peachtree Rd Suite 200 Suwanee, GA 30024